the TLC Pet Pro Program

Partnering with leading North American pet professionals since 1994.


Start by feeding one of TLC Pet Food’s premium quality, meat-focused formulas and enjoy the difference ingredients you trust can make for the animals in your care.



Share your trusted experiences with your network of pet owners, friends and family to help spread the word about TLC Pet Food.



Receive incredible discounts on bulk orders, earn rewards for sharing your expertise and begin reducing your food costs today!

Pet Pro Perks

Incredible bulk order discounts available for qualified Pet Pros. Receive unmatched rewards just for sharing your expert recommendation to feed TLC.
The TLC Pet Pro Program is designed to work seamlessly with your business. Gain access immediately to a dedicated Pet Pro Specialist, your own TLC landing page and expert advice on managing your program.
FREE goodies for your pet parents, including TLC Pet Packs are offered to help you educate your network on the nutritional benefits TLC has to offer.

Discover the TLC Difference

Premium Quality Nutrition
Every ingredient found in TLC Pet Food has been carefully selected by a professionally trained nutritionist. Our ingredients deliver a unique blend of highly concentrated meat proteins, whole grains, vitamins, and minerals.
Meat-Based Proteins
Meat is always the first ingredient in TLC Pet Food formulas. Our protein rich lamb, chicken, and Atlantic salmon are included to provide essential amino acids, digestibility, coat health and palatability.
Ancient Whole Grains
The ancient whole grains included in TLC Pet Food are the very best low glycemic carbohydrates. They are high in fiber and a good source of energy. A low G.I. food can help manage a healthy weight and overall diet.
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
The all natural herbs, fruits and vegetables in TLC Pet Food promote heart, digestive, intestinal and circulatory system health. Every bite of TLC includes natural sources of important vitamins and antioxidants.
Pre & Probiotics
TLC Pet Food contains both pre & probiotic beneficial bacteria intended to assist the body's naturally occurring balance of bacteria. They help promote digestive health by stopping pathogens and other harmful bacteria.
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